The Coeur de Lion Property Group is linked by one core value - the vision to create the best possible solution for all those involved.

Formed of CDL Property, CDL Interiors, CDL Investments, with a close partnership with sister company, the Halebourne Group, the Coeur de Lion Property Group combines a range of services that comprehends prime property related matters, generating fruitful partnerships and great results.

In 2015, with 47 years of family experience behind us and the next 45 years of vision ahead, Coeur de Lion Property set out change an industry long overdue for a shake up. Combining experience in land buying, planning, development, investment and interior design, we set a goal to establish a reputation in three areas:

  • Demonstrating courage to do things differently
  • Taking pride in delivering genuine, unique property solutions with end users in mind

Our mission is to cement that reputation in the industry and communities in which we work. From more transparent land transactions to supporting Community led neighbourhood enhancement, creating genuine value and character through site specific planning to partnering with moral conscious businesses, CDL Property knows that in this highly competitive industry, an uncompromised reputation for delivering authentic solutions will set us apart.
We are building a brand that attracts, generates and inspires better property development and investment.





At the heart of every business is the passion of individuals working together to create something unique. Coeur de Lion Property was born out of a passion for property and a strong desire to enhance the way the industry works with communities. We strive to turn property passion into positive opportunities for all involved, underpinned by our CDL Community Programme.

With over 42 years of experience and relationships, Coeur de Lion Property works in partnership with landowners, developers, builders, charities and communities to create and manage attractive and mutually beneficial residential, commercial and retail developments.

Our team focuses on land and site curation, development and planning support, using a vast and established network to create property solutions.

The one thing that remains for CDL Property is the vision and determination to create the best possible solution for those involved, setting pure-play profit generation aside, ensuring the Coeur de Lion Property plays a pivotal part in the future of property development in the UK.




Born from the demand that CDL Property was encountering with their projects, Coeur de Lion Interiors was established to bring the best interior design and styling solutions to the most varied types of properties.

Coeur de Lion Interiors is led by the Interior Stylist and Home Stager Paloma Harrington-Griffin.
With a portfolio that boasts interior styling for show apartments and home staging for holiday listings and properties for sale, our services go beyond the design itself: we aim for bringing the best out of each property, enhancing its best features and making sure our clients will sell their properties quickly and above previously expected prices.

Amongst our clients are developers, real estate agencies, holiday letting companies and private customers.

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Coeur de Lion Investments was born out of the ever-changing landscape of the UK property market. From residential apartments to commercial office space, care homes to early stage equity funding, CDL Investments considers all core areas of property alongside market trends, risks and returns.
Our focus is targeted on high growth areas, considering potential infrastructure, economic and regeneration enhancements alongside common key fundamentals such as schools, transport, and leisure.
CDL Investments operates to both retain and trade attractive investment opportunities mainly in the South East and South West of the UK.





Our associated sister company, The Halebourne Group, develop out stunning luxury homes and apartments in Central and West London, Surrey and Berkshire.

Priding themselves on creating exquisite properties of distinction, Halebourne bring together decades of experience to create one-off highly unique refurbishment and new-build residential developments, focused on high end finishing and technology integration.

The Halebourne Group received a Highly Commended in the 2017 Evening Standard Award’s New Homes category, for their apartment scheme, The Ridge.


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