Launched in May 2015, the CDL Community Programme helps create better opportunities, experiences and ultimately futures for relevant local stakeholders for each and every property activity we are involved.

Coeur de Lion Group believes that if we’re bold enough to tackle property development in an specific town or city, we should be bold enough to tackle any outstanding areas needing attention. 

In April 2017, Coeur de Lion Property were recognised for their efforts in supporting local communities by Build Magazine, who concluded CDL Property as the winner of ‘Best Community Development Company’.

Our belief is foremost to give communities, charities and volunteer organisations the tools and skills they need to do what it is they need to do. CDL believe that empowering communities create longevity in results and impact.

In 2016 alone, we’ve helped local organisations raise over £25,000 in funds, by providing space, time and connections to help them run their own events.

Obviously every case and area is unique, therefore CDL also look at where we can offer short term support, whether funding, premises, resources or simply advice, and will always look to offer the most appropriate support where it is needed most.

As a company, all team members also become official ambassadors for the LandAid charity, a fantastic organisation focused on bringing the property industry together to help protect young homeless people, provide accommodation and training and fight the root causes of youth homelessness.

Read more about what LandAid do here.

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