The CDL Property Story & Team | Coeur de Lion Property
Meet the Coeur de Lion Property team and find out how we started off consutructing homes in the UK.
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The CDL Property Story & Team

About Us


Over 42 years, property presents those in the industry with the most unique of opportunities. From mushroom farms to football clubs, office buildings to restaurants – no opportunity is the same. The one thing that remains for CDL Property is the vision and determination to create the best possible solution for those involved, setting pure-play profit generation aside, ensuring the Coeur de Lion Property plays a pivital part in the future of property development in the UK.


Take a look at some of the previous projects we have been involved in our Portfolio or Contact Us to discover how we can help you with your property endeavours.


Here to help you every step of the way


Following several successful sales and marketing focused businesses in both the UK and South Africa, Alex became a founding partner of Coeur de Lion Property in early 2015.

Backed by several highly experienced silent partners, Alex now coordinates all Property Development and Land projects, selecting and managing the relevant teams to help make every Coeur de Lion Property project a success, for all parties involved.

A keen philanthropist and experienced entrepreneur, Alex’s aim is to bestow a new approach to the UK property industry, ensuring that each and every partner and project buys into the company ethos for creating better communities and environments through tangible action.

Alex is a proud Ambassador for the LandAid property charity and also volunteers for youth support groups such as Fight for Peace, in Newham, East London.


Kevin joined the team in June 2016 as Land Associate. Kevin had spent valuable time working as a Sourcing Agent with several established and respected developers before deciding to join the CDL mission full-time and help create new opportunities.

Originally from the Seychelles, Kevin and his partner moved to the UK over 10 years ago and through dedicated study and hard work, moved into the property development industry to generate some impressive early results.

With a background in finance and currently studying for a RICS accredited Masters (MSC) in Real Estate Development at Kingston University.

Kevin jumped straight in the CDL charity challenge mindset by agreeing to take on the LandAid Towerathlon, running the 34-storey stair run leg with 30 kgs of additional weight on his back, to mark the 30th anniversary of LandAid. Impressive.